Monday, September 15, 2008


TGIM ~ Thank God it's Monday!! Oh yes, you read that correctly!! I can't believe I am writing this....for all eyes to see :) Thank God it's Monday!! Why do I love Monday?? Well, I absolutely LOVE my darling girls, LOVE being a mommy to 3 adorable and sweet girls, LOVE spending my days watching them grow, learn and wonder at the amazing creations God has given us....BUT, sometimes I get a little giddy at the prospect of returning to work :) Returning to a world still filled with whining, still filled with needy kids, still filled with fighting children...but the key to it is... they are not MY kids whining, being needy, or fighting. Yep, they may be mine during the school hours...but their are not heart strings don't tug at their whines, neediness, or fighting. I can look them in the eyes and say "Save the drama for YOUR mama!!" That doesn't work with my girls because they look me in the eyes and say, "but you are our mama!!" So, after a beautiful weekend filled with many wonderful family moments (both the good kind like snuggly girls full of kisses and the bad kind like 2 girls at the zoo fighting over the one stroller we brought) I was a little giddy when I was picking up my delicious Starbucks on my way to work! Sometimes you just 'Gotta Love a Monday"!!
Many Blessings for a "Joy-filled" week.

*~*~*~May the God of peace fill your week with HOPE, LOVE, and JOY~*~*~*

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