Thursday, September 18, 2008

I should be folding laundry...

but of course I'm not!! The computer, a glass of wine, and the sweet sounds of lullaby music drifting from the girls' room is to big of a distraction for me!! My favorite day of the week is tomorrow...not because it is Friday. Oh no...because I have those Thank God it's Monday moments...Nope, my TGIF is because tomorrow is the day that order returns to our house. It is the day that my house will be "presentable" at a moments notice. The day the laundry will be folded...the HUGE pile of clothes on my bed, and dresser, and TIm's dresser will be put away....

Why, you ask?!?! What is the big occasion?!?!

Tomorrow is the day....our FABULOUS housecleaner comes over...and she will have this house whipped into shape in no time!! Thank GOD for her...because otherwise we would have some serious problems!! Forget the laundry...Oh no! That would be the least of my problems. Nope...we would have a dust mite problem. Oh yeah. You read that right. WIthout Juanna in our lives we would probably never see clean sheets. Because...I am always able to find better things to do than clean my house. I am sure Tim did not marry me for beauty, looks, intelligence...or my house keeping skills!! Oh crap!! What did he marry me for??? Because, after all we know it wasn't my money, talent, or cooking! I better pick up a talent quick!!!

Cheers to a fabulous Friday with a clean house!!

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