Monday, August 11, 2008

He didn't have to be....

20 years ago the man who didn't have to be entered my life. And boy, I was NOT happy. He came with baggage. A suitcase full of crap, otherwise known as rules, expectations, consequences, ultimatums. All the things an out of control teenager hates. He taught me how to drive, gave me my first car, dragged me out of a party, took away my car, enforced painful consequences, LOVED ME!! 10 years ago he walked me down the aisle. The card he left for me was signed by DAD. The tears he shed were real, the heart he shared was real, the love he shared was real. He didn't have to be. He didn't have to love. He didn't have to embrace. He didn't have to support. He didn't have to be. But he did. Yes, he DID!! And I am so incredibly thankful to God, and to him, everyday of my life. Because he did! HE loves, he embraces, he supports, he is...the man I know as my dad. The man who walked into my life when I was an out of control 15 year old teenager, the man who didn't give up on me, the man who loves me as his own, the man who loves my children as his own, the man who embraces my husband as his own. He didn't have to be....God, I am so thankful that he is, that he did, that he does. Because, without him in my life, I would not be the person I am today. I love you Dave! We love you Papa, I love you DAD!! You didn't have to be....but you did....and I will love you forever because you dad today, tomorrow, always!!

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Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

WOW! What a tear jerking post. I am a mess now. Got any kleenex's? Ha ha! I'm sure Dave is just as happy that "he did" as you are. What a neat story. What an impeccable man. There are so few like him now days. Be blessed! (obviously you already are) :)
Thanks also for the questions on my blog today. I plan to get to all of them this weekend. It means a lot that you stopped by and participated. Keep coming back and definitely keep in touch. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Angie Seaman