Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Faith....the word that describes my road, my path, my journey, my life, my hope, my Jesus. As I lay in my bed waiting to deliver my sweet angel baby, the only name that popped in my head was Faith. Faith. Faith. and so she was named Leah Faith. Little did I know, God had plans for me. Plans to remind me of His purpose. His love. His control. His majesty. I have had many moments. many glimpses. many purposes. But this must be the biggest, best, most powerful. You see, when I start my blogs it really is just to fill you in on my girls and our life. But then, something happens and the words just come. They aren't planned, aren't scripted. They come from within, and they fall onto the page, the keyboard, the computer screen. On Sunday I told the journey of my help. The shoulder and ear I turned away from. I told you how I was scared to make the phone call, scared to make the connection, scared to realize my path. BUT, God has other plans. Because GOD is awesome and always showing me His hand in my life. My dear friend Becca, who offered me the resource of her friend Amy who had traveled my journey, met her dear friend Amy at the pool on Monday. They hadn't seen each other in awhile, and their discussion turned to me. Becca told her she should check out my blog...not knowing what I had written on my blog on Sunday night. Imagine that ....the very blog I had written about Amy on, was the blog Amy stumbled onto....God has brought that connection about. God has once again crossed our paths....because God knows His plan for me, my family, my sweet baby girl who was born into heaven. And know I feel His strength...His love....His arms around me. I feel ready. ready to see my baby's tree. ready to visit the only beautiful marker of her life, death, and impact. My AMAZING co-workers, I mean FAMILY (because really that is what they are) bought me a tree and a plaque to honor our baby....born into heaven. And now I feel the strength....and I think I may be ready to go....see my girl's tree. Her name. Her place in the world. Because while you did not get to meet her....she left her footprint on my life, her hand on my heart, her memory in my soul. And I know her purpose will have been fulfilled if you can see it in my actions, words, and deeds. Because through FAITH...I will live a life of Joy, Love, and Hope. Thank you AMY for reaching out and touching me! On that day in March, and yesterday!! You are a reminder of how great our God much He has planned for us...and for our girls, who are resting in the arms of Jesus right now! Thank you Becca for being a constant source of strength to me and a breath of fresh air in my life. You remind me daily of how important it is for me to stop, look, listen, and enjoy each step of my life. I am blessed to call you my friend! Our God is an awesome GOD, he reigns from heaven above, with wisdom, power, and love, our God is an awesome God!!!

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Rebecca said...


I know you are only writing all those nice things about me because you flaked as my room mom and we know how that turned out :) Just kidding.

I am so proud of you for the person you always have been and the person you have become.

Thanks you for letting us (all of your faithful blog readers) into your thoughts your life and most importantly your Faith.

You inspire people in more ways than you will ever know.

We love you (I am speaking for everyone) :)

- Becca