Thursday, November 27, 2008


No words are needed....

I am thankful for my awesome God, amazing family, my supportive friends, my loving co-workers, my caring students....There are so many people that have been a beacon of light to me that I don't have pictures of....
My brother Kevin and Susan
My brother David and Jessica
My mom and dad
The entire Davis Family
The Taylor Family
The Scafe Family
The Ross Family
The Hernandez Family
The Zimmer Family
The Justice Family
The Madden Family
The Bennion Family
The Gamez Family
The Toulous Family
The Payne Family
The Montalvo Family
The Olsen Family
The Madigan Family
I know without a doubt that I forgot someone....and for that I am so sorry! Please know that you have all played a vital role in my life, giving me the love, support, strength, courage, and peace I have needed to travel this road, embark on this journey, live this life! Many wishes and prayers for your families. May the blessings of our Lord touch and shape your lives!!

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