Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where there is Hope....there is FAITH....

It is amazing to me...the moments in our lives where God whispers and we can't hear because....well....because we are just to DAMN busy running here and there and everywhere!! I have been there, am often there, will be there again....
BUT, I am trying, and learning, and trying, and learning to let go of the busyness and be. and listen for those God whipsers...those whispers of hope and whispers of faith. I have wondered soooo many times over the past 13 months...Why?? Why did you think I was strong enough to lose my baby? Why did you think that I could handle it? Today I found my answer. Today, in a 5 minute cell phone converstation it struck me.... God knew I could handle it because He ever so carefully placed into my life people who would help me on my journey, help me find hope when I was hopeless, faith when I questioned, the path when I was lost....friends who when I was broken, lost, in need, they were there to help me on the journey. He knew my whispers of faith were going to be a journey...a life lesson....a forever moment.

Because, Today I talked to a friend, a friend who should be questioning, should be yelling, should be angry, should be in a WHy Me phase....and she wasn't. Because she has a faith that can move mountains, a faith that can heal hurts, a faith that can fill voids, a faith that endures forever. And I realized....that God placed me on my path 13 months ago so that I could walk with week after the shocking loss of her mommy. And for that, I am thankful. For that, I am grateful. For that, I am hopeful. For that, I am faithful.

My prayer for myself, and for all of my dear friends and family is that we can stop, look, and listen to the whispers of faith, the hope and love that our Lord gives us everyday, and in many unforseen avenues.


Jenn said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. My son died 3.5 hours after he was born, on March 8th of this year. my blog is Jesus has carried us through this time and we are so grateful.


ourprecious4 said...

Hey! I am praying for you, havent talked to you in awhile. I need to ask you some questions, can you email me??
Look forward to talking to you soon!