Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Milestones of Life....

This past week has been an Amazing week filled with milestones and accomplishments....

My sweet baby girl, Ella, graduated from Kindergarten! We are so proud of you Ella, and love you more than words can express. We are so thankful to her amazing teachers for loving her, encouraging her, inspiring her, and teaching her throughout this past 9 months of her life. You have made each and every day of kindergarten a JOY and a Blessing in all of our lives!!

One of the greatest things about having our girl in a Christian school is that her education is centered on Christ, and so in the graduation booklet, each parent was asked to write a prayer to their child....

Our Dearest Ella,

We are so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with you as our daughter. You have brought such incredible joy, love, kindness, and creativity to our lives. Through you we are able to truly enjoy the wonder of God's creation, the joy of life, the love of others, and the beauty of the simplest things. We thank you for being true to your spirit, your self, your love for others. We are so awed and amazed by your intense faith in our heavenly Father, and we look forward to watching your faith continue to blossom and grow over the years. We are touched by your words, taught through your actions, and treasure all of our time with you. May you always start and end your day centered on our Lord, focused on His plans for you, and may your love for Him lead and guide you through the journey of your life.

Dear Lord,

We come to you Lord, with prayers of thanksgiving for gifting us with Ella as our daughter. May we glorify you through our parenting of your treasure, may we humbly lead Ella on a journey through life centered on YOU as her rock, foundation, and may her life be filled with love for others and for You. Lord, we pray that Ella may find her greatest joys in life, and in doing them, may she give glory to You through her actions, words, and deeds. Lord, we pray that Ella's love for learning and love for others continues to blossom in her, continues to overflow throughout all areas of her life. Lord, we are so amazed by your goodness, mercy, and grace for others, we humbly pray that we may parent our daughter with you as our guide, with you as our mentor, with you as our focus. ~ Amen ~

~ Ella Christine Davis ~ May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and give you HIS peace ~

Friday was Ella's milestone filled day...and Saturday was mine...

Together with the greatest running friends EVER, I set out to complete what seemed to be an unattainable goal...I set out to run my first half marathon....13.1 miles. It was the most amazing experience of my life...we ran each and every step, finishing in 2 hrs 43 minutes. I am filled with awe at all of us. In January this seemed unimaginable...impossible... and now, today I sit here at my computer with ice packs on my feet...aches in my body...and a medal around my neck because I DID it!!! WE DID it....together....with the strength of the Lord carrying us at the most difficult times....we recited Philippians 4:13 a few times.... but the single greatest moment was when we neared the finish line our amazing trainer met us there and ran us into the finish....and boy did she run us hard....because of course she doesn't believe in a soft finish...NO way, we had to finish hard...and so we did. And so we accomplished the unimaginable.... We can do it, We did do it, and We will do it again!!!

~Pre-race fun ~

~pre-race prayer~

~The final stretch~

Post race with our amazing trainer Missy!!

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Pam Harper Horst said...

So proud of you and your accomplishment! I see what you've done and know that I can do it too- your faith and focus are amazing!

Congrats to the cutest little graduate that I've ever seen- Ella looks so adorable in her cap!