Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~*~* Judea *~*~

Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of delivering gifts my school collected to a few families in need. One family has touched my heart and my life beyond words....Judea.... Judea is a beautiful boy with gorgeous eyes, beautiful curls, and the sweetest smile...and Judea should be a busy, running, jumping, singing 3 year old....but he is not. He is not a running, jumping, wild and crazy boy because while his mom was at school, his daycare provider gave him a grape...and he choked...and it got stuck....and he was without oxygen for 22 minutes. And...he lived!!! Yet, his life is not as his mother once new it to be...he is now paralyzed, brain damaged, and probably blind. Yet, he smiles, he laughs, he loves...because he LIVES! And sweet Judea and his amazing mom and brother are a reminder to me that it is not about me!!! Not about my trivial wants and needs!! See, Judea and his mom and brother live in a tiny one room in-law unit without furniture. Mom and big brother sleep on the floor and Judea gets to sleep in a crib. When we showed up yesterday with gifts, his mom was beyond words...despite her life...and loss, she is so grateful to GOD for allowing her to be Judea's mom. For allowing her to have a baby still to hold!! Because as she told least I have my least he didn't die...WOW!! If only we could all take the time this day and tomorrow to thank the LORD for all of the "at leasts" in our lives!! Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to meet a true miracle...a true blessing from above!! Merry Christmas to all....

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